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"It's such a great experience to work with Suky. I highly recommend her services. All the insightful advice really helped me to fine-tune my strategy and expansion plans. Her approach covers a lot of useful information, delivered in a way that is natural and conversational. Her instructions are clear and logical. Suky has put many years of professional and personal experience into this and as a result I'm able to quickly find the answers I'm looking for. Also, she understands my personal and professional circumstance so she provides the underlying issue that needs to be solved at every turn. She provides absolute first class consulting experience and I'm very happy with the results. Highly recommended!"

Sadiar Ameri

Managing Director, Professional Services/Executive Search

"We had the privilege of working closely with Suky Sodhi over the past 18 months. It has been a game changer for our business. Her ability to link individual coaching and business strategy helped us become leaner and a more aligned as business, specifically during the worst of COVID 19. Her holistic view to individual development and overall global business growth is what calvinized our business. Her industry knowledge is what set her apart and assisted us in realistic and actionable plans. More importantly, Suky will give so much of her time you and your team. Besides the excellent work she has done for us, she also cares and is so committed to who are a as a business and who we will always be. I can highly recommend Suky Sodhi."

Roy Clark

Clarkhouse Capital

"I have worked with Suky over the past 5+ years personally and more recently assisting in the development of my team. There are many reasons why I continue to work with Suky from her professionalism to her direct, honest and authentic approach to life and coaching. She has a keen ability to work with a teams whilst recognising individual needs ensuring each person gets the tools they need to progress. Recently I had a need to support my team in building desks through the challenges of 2021. Suky was able to provide insights developed from her global network, offering examples of what was and wasn’t working in our current climate. But the key wins for us, were her focus on accountability and personal KPI’s; developed around each persons individual strengths. Getting the consultant to see KPI’s as a tool to their success not a management micromanagement tool or threat to their future with the company. Most importantly are the results, I have seen a 42% increase in revenue Q1 to Q4 2021 for my tech team, who now have a pipeline of business for Q1 2022 that is allowing them to focus on Q2 with any new business in Q1 considered ‘icing on the cake’! Suky’s coaching may make your team a little uncomfortable, but once they see the results, much like my team they will be asking ‘when are we are having Suky back for some more sessions’."

Claire Collins

Drake International

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Executive Training & Coaching with

Suky Sodhi

High-performance executive one-to-one and group recruitment training and coaching to help unlock your team's true potential and scale your business like never before!

As founder of Professional Selection, Suky has helped recruitment leaders build stronger businesses for over fifteen years. She is a trusted consultant, advisor, and partner to recruitment businesses and executives around the world.

Her clients include global staffing brands, startup, and mid-sized agencies, and European recruitment businesses growing into the North American market.

Executive Training Options

Customized Group Program

Company-specific group training and coaching to overcome barriers in business and solve problems that are holding back individual and team success, with the goal to clear the path ahead.

Group Training Program

Detailed courses covering a broad overview of recruitment, strategy and common problems in business. The group consists of recruitment professionals from multiple organizations.

Executive Leadership Training

Customized and tactical one-on-one leadership training for those who want to become the best in the business. We cover finance, strategy, growth and management for 6 -24 months.

High Performance Strategy Session

A one-day strategy session with leadership team to create a 5 year plan, recognize potential in the business and find loopholes to maximize team performance and personal income.


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Individuals will learn how to outsource and automate your recruiting business so you can avoid working long hours, yet earn a consistent monthly income for life.

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Learn the skills you need to know in order to put yourself quickly into the top 1% of all recruiters in the country.

Learn how to attract

My secret attraction formula for finding and connecting high-paying placements with employers faster than you ever thought possible.

Are you looking to increase your existing sales team, but need to understand what will attract the top talent in the market?

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