Whether you are looking for a once-off coaching session for guidance on a single issue, or a longer, more involved training program, Suky has put together a range of different options for you to choose from. Select a program below, make payment online and get ready to accelerate your growth!

Once-off Private One On One Coaching Session

This is the perfect solution for you if you are wanting to have a once-off one on one consultation to discuss an issue that you are struggling with and find a solution for it. This high-impact coaching session promises to help you successfully unpack the problem at hand and walk away with a set plan in place to resolve it.

$997.00 USD

3 Private One-On-One Coaching Sessions

This three-session coaching option is great if you have a couple of issues you would like to unpack and find solutions to, and you want to engage in follow up sessions to discuss your progress in dealing with them. You will be entitled to 3 one-on-one high-impact coaching sessions with Suky within a 3 month period, as well as unlimited email support. The normal price for this program is $2400 but you can now take advantage of the 25% discount on offer.

$2,393.00 USD

Customize Your KPIs and Maximize Your Personal Income

Smash through the invisible income ceiling that's stopping you from earning the money you deserve. Either work through the course at your own pace or purchase up to three private one-on-one coaching sessions at a discounted price of $500 each and allow us to help craft your own plan, one that is aligned with your purpose and goals. You will learn strategies and techniques that change your way of thinking. You will get unlimited email support, and personalized figure sheet focus and workbook to follow along throughout the program.

$997.00 USD

12 Week Coaching Program

Engage in a high-impact 12 week coaching program with Suky where she will work with you to understand your pain points, your goals and the opportunities you have to make them a reality. You will have a weekly live call with Suky to establish and create a plan for success and you will have unlimited email support throughout the program.

The individual coaching sessions are usually $800 each, but this program works out to a discounted price of $500 per session. Don't miss the opportunity to work with and learn from a leading global staffing industry coach and trainer!

$6,000.00 USD

Sales and Recruiting Masterclass

Sales & Recruiting Masterclass Maximize your personal income for 2022 Weekly live coaching sessions where we work on your recruiting or sales challenges and create customized strategies to overcome them Access to online content that's organized into easy-to-digest 15-30 minute modules Access them anywhere, anytime! No official homework - You simply just need to implement your learnings into your daily practice Unlimited email support.

$2,997.00 USD

Manage a High Performance Sales Team like a Boss!

Learn how to maximize shareholder value by exceeding team and individual targets! Weekly live coaching sessions where you have the opportunity to bring real life challenges Learn how to manage your teams KPI's yet customize them for each individuals needs We take a deep dive into your management style and discover ways to adapt it to maximize team cohesion and success Unlimited email support.

$3,999.00 USD

Exclusive LinkedIn Course

Want to leverage LinkedIn like the pros? LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site, boasting over 800 million users in 200 countries. In this exclusive course, learn how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to build your brand & authority without overwhelm!

$997.00 USD

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