Hi, I'm Suky!

International Staffing Industry Coach & Trainer

More About Me

I am an adrenaline junkie who celebrates every single win. I believe we must celebrate and collect all our wins along the way as it fuels forward momentum to ensure we exceed our goals. When we fuel forward momentum, complacency simply can not settle in.

With over 25 years of experience working in the staffing industry, 16 of those working with global recruitment companies, I bring the knowledge and experience of working in 18 countries and successfully navigating through numerous “recession” cycles.

Companies often get so focused on the bottom line that they forget that we are in the “people business”. For me, the magic happens when my clients recognize the best way to create a truly sustainable high-performance sales culture is to bring both into alignment.

Why I'm Different

I believe sales teams need a voice at the board room table. Leadership traditionally listens to that voice through the VP of Sales who themselves are listening through line managers. So, who at the boardroom table is listening to the voice directly?

Neither strategy nor implementation can work alone, both must combine with each stakeholder's own unique mindset—the stories we tell ourselves. Our past experiences also play a massive part in how we receive and respond to training.

We work together to create a tailored strategy, that drives revenue-generating results that are not only profitable but sustainable and aligned with your business.

When we recognize the unique experience each person is having, we can create a true high-performance sales culture and elevate employee engagement. Both elements must coexist for long-term success.

The Problem

Many companies do not recognize that the real "bottleneck" is NOT their sales teams, it's with their leadership team. Leaders often try to correct course by enforcing even stricter KPIs and "rules" because that is what they've learnt. This type of leadership creates emotional and physical detachment from the most important people in the business who are representing you every day.

I provide the crucial missing link, ensuring both parties' voices are heard and allows me to deliver bespoke training which meets both the individual and company's objective.

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